Product Information

Prepared  Teaching Glass Slides:
Med Aid India has a vast repository  of excellent prepared well stained teaching glass slides of Oral Histology, Tooth Germ Development, Decalcified and Ground Sections of Teeth, Oral Pathology, General Histology, General  Pathology, Hematology for Dental Colleges and Systemic Pathology, General Pathology, General Histology, Hematology for Medical Colleges. Pathology slides include common and uncommon lesions of neoplastic and non- neoplastic conditions of all organs required for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Digital / Virtual Slides:
We also prepare digital / virtual/ E-Slides of all the lesions of pathology, oral pathology and all the titles of histology and oral histology for E-teaching of the students and self learning by the students of medical and dental colleges. The digital slides aimed at self learning are annotated /labelled and self explanatory.
Digital slides are great tool of learning by the pathology and oral pathology residents / post graduate students / practising  pathologists / faculty. Digital slides do not require physical space for storage, are unbreakable and do not deteriorate in quality on storage. We have vast number of common lesions of interest , uncommon and rare lesions and many variants of tumours for postgraduate teaching / learning.

Quality of Our Products:
Teaching glass slides as well as Digital/ Virtual/ E-Slides prepared by Med-Aid -India are of high quality of international standard and are prepared in               
IS0 15189:2012 certified laboratory. Sections of teaching  glass slides are thin, 3-5 microns in thickness, well stained and free of artefacts. Lesions are suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Digital Slides are prepared from such well stained high quality glass slides and are of high resolution.
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Unique Products of Our Company: 
In addition to the vast number of lesion in all subjects of Histology, Pathology, Oral Histology and Oral Pathology, We have some products which are produced by our company only and are in great demand in dental and medical colleges for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Ground Sections of  Teeth:
Thin sections of whole or part of teeth are ground meticulously to a  thickness of 50-70 microns. Various anatomical features of Enamel, Dentin, Cementum can be discerned. Ground Sections are extremely useful to show structures of dental anatomy which can not be seen in decalcified section.

Tooth Germ Development:
It is very essential to understand various stages of Tooth Germ Development to understand normal anatomy of tooth and pathological processes and neoplasms involving oral cavity. Med- Aid India has taken great pains to prepare these sections which are highly prized possessions of any dental college. Sections showing development of Dental Lamina, Bud Stage, Cap Stage, Bell Stage and Late Bell Stage of Tooth Germ are essential for teaching of undergraduate students and postgraduate students. Development of Root Sheath of Hertwig and Root formation are very interesting as well as intriguing. We have Sections demonstrating both the features.

Oral Embryology:
To understand the development anomalies, students need to be familiar with the normal development of oral structures. We have many sections of face showing embryological development including  sagital section and  coronal section of face showing development and inter-relationship of various structures.

Decalcified Section of Teeth:
Highly specialized high quality decalcified sections of teeth are prepared in the laboratories of Med-Aid India. Preparation of such sections requires meticulous care during the process of decalcification of teeth and bone .Decalcified sections are of great value in the study of dentin, pulp and cementum.

Oral Histology:
Histology of oral tissues is very special and structure of animal tissues and human tissues differs significantly. Med-Aid-India specializes in preparation of Oral Histology  section of human tissues. The most preferred structures are the highly quality painstakingly prepared  sections of taste buds, circumvellate papillae, fungiform papillae, marginal and free gingiva, interdental papilla, bundle bone, periodontal ligament, soft palate and hard palate.

Oral Pathology: 
Med-Aid-India takes pride in having a collection of some very interesting and unusual lesions of oral pathology of interest to the postgraduate students in addition to the vast collection of common lesions required for training of undergraduates.
In addition general pathology lesions are available for understanding of basic underlying pathological process.

General Histology: 
Med-Aid-India produces excellent teaching slides of Histology of Human Tissues pertaining to all organs including endocrines. These slides are extremely useful for teaching of dental and medical and paramedical students as histology forms the basis of understanding normal structure of body and of the pathological process.

General Pathology:
Many pathological processes are the basis of disease development in various organs of the body. Processes such as inflammations, degeneration, thromous formation, ischaemia etc.  are common and essential for understanding of pathology for dental as well as medical students. Med-Aid-India has a very good collection of slides of general pathology.

Systemic Pathology:
High quality prepared sections of pathological processes and neoplasms affecting all systems are available at Med-Aid-India and are very useful for training of postgraduate students in pathology.
For more information about detailed list of slides available, see section of Product Catalog.

Gross Pathology Specimens:
Med- Aid India has large collection of gross specimens of Pathology and Oral Pathology. Gross Specimens are required for teaching gross pathology to undergraduate students and are not available in newly established Dental and Medical Colleges. Med-Aid India fills this vacuum and provides formalin fixed gross pathology specimens to colleges in India.

Other Teaching Aids:
Med-Aid India has vast collection of clinical and gross pathology photographs and are provided to colleges for teaching the students.
For more information about detailed list of slides available, see section of Product Catalog.